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With the shipping service Door to Door receive your parcel in the comfort of your home or office closest to your residence in El Salvador.
Our trained grantizan a service efficiency and quality. Rates and constant promotions have positioned us in the first place preference in the United States.
Thanks to our service Expresito Global can send from any of the 50 states of the United Unidos.donde You Our daily shipments is located guarantee the delivery time. Example: LosAngeles, California, Texas, Georgia … just call us and we handle 1866-mi cargo or 1866-6422742

What can send

You can send all that is called personal belongings: shoes, clothes without labels, toys, books, electrical, ornaments, spare parts, speakers, computer, provided it is legal and does not violate the rules of marking, security or customs. No more than five items the same in each case.

What can not be sent

Items or products for marketing purposes. Do not send money, jewelry, or flammable aerosols Material .No military equipment, weapons, pistols or submachine guns, toy, medicine, perfumes, creams, enamels, Splash, Knives, Articles of personal use, pornographic material, security cameras, Cards credit, Seeds, Bulbs, and meals that could be damaged, Cotton, camouflaged clothing, metal plates. No use military boots can not send canned milk. No used parts for cars. lawn mowers or other engine containing waste or smell of petrol or gas If these items are used should not have to waste gas and should make a special packaging as they are cataloged with Dangerous good.

Maximum value to declare

$ 200 US dollars. If your shipment exceeds this value, you pay tariff.
Delivery Time: 12-15 working days
Step Tariff Tax:

Taxes are paid on arrival
With Customs regulations require all shipments family fill the Commercial Invoice (statement of values) in detail and declare the contents of your shipment valuing your articles.

Do not worry we handle and understand the rules for you, no headaches, no worries. With our expertise and experience in the market we do the job properly.
Our team of professionals is ready to serve your needs. Contact us at 1866-Mi-Carga or email 718-205-2222 .Our