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Puerta a Pta Col

With shipping service Door to Door received his commission in the comfort of your home, thanks to our partner Coordiandora carrying his commission last mile directly to the door of your home.

Our staff trained in New York and our agency in Colombia guarantee service with efficiency and quality. Rates and constant promotions have positioned us in the first place of preference in the United States.

Thanks to our service Expresito Global may be sent from any of the 50 states of the United States. Our daily shipments ensure delivery time.

Our team of professionals is ready to serve your needs. Call us 1866-Mi-Carga or 718-205-2222.

 What we can send

You can send all that is called Personal Effects: shoes, clothes without labels, toys, medicines, books, deodorant, canned food, etc (no more than 3 cans). As long as it is legal and does not violate the rules of brand security or customs. No more than five items in each box equals.

 What can’t be sent

Items or products for marketing purposes. No shipments of money, jewelry, spray or flammable material. No military equipment, weapons, toy guns or machine guns, camouflage clothing, metal plates. No military boots, pornographic material, security cameras, credit cards, seeds, or foods that could be damaged. You can not send canned milk and if the client wants to send in small amounts, you must have a certificate  of INVIMA (National Institute of Food and Drug Colombia). No used parts for cars. No skateboards, lawn mowers, or other motor containing residues or smell petrol or gas. In the event that these items are used should not have to waste gas or odor or gas for that matter should be performed procedures Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials.

Maximum value to testify

$ 2,000.00 USD. If your shipment exceeds this value, it will require a formal nationalization.

 Step Tariff Tax

According to the DIAN (National Tax and Customs), all cash must necessarily pay a tax of 30% on the total declared value. This is a gross estimate equal to: (10% duty + 16% VAT + Insurance + Freight).

With new customs regulations require all shipments family fill the Commercial Invoice (statement of values) in detail and report the contents of your shipment value their items. Enclosed in this page copy of the regulations

Do not worry we manage and understand the rules for you, no headaches or worries. With our extensive experience and track record in the market we do the job properly.

To review the new Colombian regulations click here


From April 2014; Dian free domestic shipping tariffs to 0% up to $ 200 of declared value.


With Expresito Carga  may take advantage of the tariff benefits that come from TLC

Before the entry into force of the TLC, all paid 30% tax. After TLC, Computers and electronic tablets NOT pay taxes.


Your friends and family can start enjoying the technology to which you have access in the United States, send yourself and cheaper.

Expresito carga


our Clients.


To view the official exchange rate in Colombia click here.