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In recent years Colombia has experienced significant growth in the export of goods and services, largely contributing to job creation development in general. Both economically and socially.

Therefore Expresito Carga is your best business partner through our much experience and infrastructure.

  • Relocation Specialists since our inception we have handled export to the country of Colombia, attending to all regulations of the country
  • We have permits and licenses in the cities of origin
  • Ample room and cellar available for the receipt, handling and storage of exports.


Expresito Carga offers advice 100% of the documents that you need to perform the Customs release paperwork, ensuring the success of export.

Similarly our company has facilities in different parts of the countries who in turn perform the service of reception of documents, thinking about the welfare of the client to expedite the customs service.

Our Sales Executive is in constant contact with the client informing how your Unlocking processed.

Expresito Carga offers the Door to Door service that ensures that your shipment will arrive in the best condition since we have highly qualified and reliable personnel.