Return Plan

A friend told me I could not wear these frames used to ride … is that true?

Is that I have seven frames collection and I would not let them thrown away.
Indeed you can not carry frames.

After how long can colver bring to Ecuador and other utensils should I do ?.

You can take another household, having vivivo in Ecaudor at least five (5) years. This time is counted from the day you recall your first cookware without paying taxes. Besides that you can not be absent for more than one hundred eighty (180) days and will meet again qeu all requirements for access to exoneració taxes.

As regards the payment of your Service … give some credit to pay? Or should I pay all cash ?.

Our company does not give any credit as payment. Payment must be made in cash and even before shipping your household goods to Ecuador.

Can I include all my children in my household, no matter how old or older can not include them ?.

Yes. You can include all your children or members making up your household.

Can I take my grandchildren toys living in Ecuador ?.

No. You can only carry items that belong to people who are included in the household goods.

How long does it take to get my household goods to Ecuador ?.

It takes between 20-25 days to reach the port in Guayaquil.

How many household items can lead to Ecuador in a year ?.

Only ONE.

How many TVs can I take in my household ?.

The amount of television depends on the number of people who are included in the household. FOr example: If one travels Runner, you can take 2 TVs. If 2 people traveling, you can take 3 TVs. And if 3 people traveling on, they can only take up to 4 TVs maximum. If you decide to take more than the allowed amount, will be canceled on arrival the value of the tax itself.

How secure containers you? I get a key to close once you have finished entering all the boxes ?.

Yes. Once you have entered all your belongings in the contender, we give a padlock with their respective number to seal or close your container.

I am currently separated from my first wife, but I have not divorced. I have a couple that live … I have to marry her for inclusion in the household and traveling with me ?.

It is not necessary that you have to marry her boyfriend to be included in their household. Your partner will be included as the “Attached” in his consular list.

I am Ecuadorian, but my wife is Mexican … I inlcuirla in my household ?.

Yes. His wife must apply for a visa for entry into Ecuador.

I came to America only to study, but in some months back to Ecuador … I can I welcome me to the benefits of not paying taxes and take my stuff to Ecuador, even if few ?.

If. If you are an Ecuadorian citizen, you can take your household goods, no matter if they are little. One of the REQUIREMENTS to qualify for the tax exoneració is having stayed abroad for at least a year and travels to Ecuador should not total more than sixty (60) days in the last year (including holidays d ies).

I deported three months ago, I can bring my household even though I do not live in USA ?.

Yes. You can take your household goods, even if you no longer reside in the United States. Just remember that your household goods and work equipment must arrive within two (2) months prior to and six (6) months after his arrival in Ecuador.

I have 4 computers they gave me, I can take them all ?.

No. You can only take one (1) computer.

I have a Harley Davidson. I can take her to Ecuador or must be other brand ?.

Yes. No matter the brand of your bike. The important thing is that the bike should have a displacement of up to six hundred and fifty cubic centimeters (650cc) and a value of up to Eight Thousand Dollars ($ 8,000.00) (price when it was new).

I have a lawnmower from those tires, I have to disassemble to carry it, or I can take armada?

You can not carry in your household goods, because their income as such is prohibited. What it can carry, is a lawnmower manual type.

I have a lot of furniture and appliances you want to send to my family in a household to Ecuador and removing them handle it. It is possible ?.

Not in a household goods. You must hire other service for effect. Household items is only for people who live outside of Ecuador and decide to return to Ecuador to live taking their belongings taken on their country of residence.

I have many things from home, and do not fit in one container, I can carry 2 containers for my name ?.

Yes. Just remember that everyone pays shipping value.

I have no car, just clothes and some appliances, I can only take them in a container or another type of service ?.

Nuestrra company also offers other services that you can take your household goods without hiring a container.

I have no checkbook or credit card to pay shipping for my household, I can pay with a check from a friend ?.

No payment should be personal and can be done with cash.

I have to hire a lawyer or who have to hire in Ecuador to let me withdraw my paperwork and container ?.

If you decide to hire the service of Expresito load, we’ll release his household. This way you do not need to hire another person or company.

I live in Long Beach, California. How can I send my stuff to her office in New York, have a branch near here or you collect my things in my house, then sent to Ecuador in container ?.

No need to send your stuff to our offices in New York. We ship the container to your home, so you can make the shipment of your household goods.

I live in USA and I have a gym, I bring all my equipment to put back in Ecuador gym also regardless of the number of machines ?.

Yes. Only should be aware that the total value of the Task Force being carried may not pass on Thirty Thousand Dollars ($ 30,000.00), but will have to presenter a draft investment business in Ecuador.

I take all appliances that I have in my house?

If, but depends on the amount. Remember that you can only inlcuir in your household, a household by type. For example: A kitchen, a washing machine, refrigerator, etc.

I want to send my utensils with my wife, but I’m six months later because I end my contract here in USA … is that possible ?.

No. All persons who are included in the household, must travel together.

I’m from Guatemala, and I’m up moving to Ecuador for work … I can welcome me to the benefits to bring my things from home in a household ?.

Yes. The no Ecuadorian migrant may request exemption from household goods and / or work equipment only when intending to reside in Ecuador for over a year and required to have immigrant visa. In the case that have nonimmigrant visa must submit the respective contract work.

If here I pay my shipping container, Ecuador should pay more or not ?.

If the client meets all regulations and recommendations will not have to pay extra.

If I send to you my household, I buy boxes you too, or I can buy them where I like it ?.

You have no obligation to buy the boxes to send items from your household goods. In fact, you can ship your items in boxes, bags or purses or whatever is most convenient for you.

If I take my things from home to your office, you are responsible to cover them well so they are not scratched or damaged? And there is an extra payment or is included in the total payment ?.

Of course you can take your belongings to our offices to be properly packaged by our staff. Payment will be only for packing material used.

If my container is slow coming out of the office for some reason, I pay extra money or responsibility to you ?.

If container delivery delay for breach of regulations, the customer must pay an extra value.

If the container over at my house, I pay some money?

Or is it better to take things into his office to avoid me payment.
Usually the container is loaded into the client’s home and working with an already printed quote.

In my 25 years I have lived in USA I bought a lot of clothes, shoes and bags … I can take all that in my container ?.

Yes. Just remember that the amount of clothes and shoes that can take is up to 440 pounds and must belong to you. You can not bring gifts for other people.

Is there a problem if I bought my new appliances to take me to Ecuador ?. I also have used things.

There is no problem with bringing new appliances. Remember that artísulo may be new or used.

My children were born in the United States alone have the American passport, can they also be included in my household goods or have to extract the Ecuadorian passport ?.

Yes. It is recommended that children have the Ecuadorian passport.

My husband died and left me in the care of his child who is under age … I can include in my household as if Ecuadorian, but not my son ?.

If you can include the child as part of the family, provided it has the documents proving custody.

My wife is pregnant and my son will be born in Ecuador, I can wear the clothes and things of my unborn child ?.

Yes. You can do it. In the consular list you should write down everything that is taking for your son / daughter.

The consular letter have to notarize only here in USA, or can make that process in Ecuador also ?.

Yes. You can do notarized letter consular both here in the Ecuadorian Consulador in any of the offices in the US, as it can in Ecuador.

The streets of the village where my house in Ecuador have no name. I need to have an exact address where I delivered my household ?.

Yes. Customs in Ecuador require an address and a benchmark of how to get home.

The team I’m wearing is new and is valued at approximately fifty thousand dollars … I can take the same or there is a problem ?.

You can bring up Task valued at Thirty Thousand Dollars ($ 30,000.00) for not paying taxes on it. If you go over that amount shall submit a draft investment business in Ecuador.

The trolley within the container undergoes no hit at the time of loading and unloading ?.

No. The car is well secured within the container so it does not suffer any blow.

They are reliable companies that are responsible for carrying containers to Ecuador?

I would not know who lost my things halfway.
Yes. All companies we work with are reputable, legal and have worked with us for many years. So you need not worry.

They say they can not buy and wear a declared “Salvatage” … carriage which siginifica buy or own a car like that ?.

Means it is a wrecked or damaged car and can not take with your household goods.

Vine without Visa to the US and my passport has expired, how can I do my paperwork to take one household goods ?.

You can make your arrangements with your identity card. You can take your passport in one of the Ecuadorian Consulate offices of the city you live in the United States.

What if I do not declare my consular letter everything I have in my household goods? Customs has the time to review everything in detail ?.

You are required to declare absolutely everything you take as household goods. From an adornment to a pencil. If you do a good and complete statement of his possessions, he would incur non-compliance with the law. So you might have to pay taxes at undeclared and this leads to delays with the delivery of its container and payment for warehousing.

What if my container opening, my stuff is broken or damaged? You are in charge, there is some insurance inlcluído in the total value or have to hire any other ?.

Yes. Insurance is included.

What is the price of shipping household goods or containers ?.

The price depends on the extent or size of the container. Therefore it is important that you contact our specialized personnel Menajes 718-205-2222 to provide further information about our services.

What is the size or extent of the containers that you use for household goods?

Load Expresito working with containers of 40 feet, 20 feet and also have shared service containers.

Working in agriculture here in USA, my boss gave me many bags of fertilizer and seeds to plant and throw them away because it did not want a lot of money … I can take all that in my household goods ?.

No. The entry of seeds and / or fertilizer are prohibited by the Ecuadorian government. Being admitted must pay taxes.

You can carry 2 Task Forces in the same household ?.

No. Only permitted to bring a team within the family.