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Width Expresito Carga is easier to move, we will provide advice, planning and transport your belongings to your new home. In specific destinations we can provide customs clearance.

You need

In Service of moving required documents vary depending on the destination. Some documents may be:

  • Consular Charter
  • Packaging Detail
  • Certificate migration
  • Passports
  • Cedula


As is characteristic in Expresito Carga offer you the best rates in the market. Communicate with us to provide custom attention 1-866-MI-CARGA or 718-2052222.


Taxes and your statement are always the responsibility of the customer. Depending on the country several situations where moving may be tax exempt partially or totally there. Expresito Carga is not responsible for paying taxes on any of the cases or situations that may arise.


In moving service insurance is optional and varies according to the service contract.

I can send

Everything is considered Household or customer usage. Also part of a move it considered as personal use items joby or profession of the customer.

I can´t sent

Materiel, Weapons, Restricted Chemicals, all items banned by aviation or the governments of the countries to which they send. You can not send items or liquids or hazards that are considered a risk to other shipments. All regulations of IATA, TSA, NVOCC and other organizations are in place to make a referral.

More than 1000 families can confirm the excellent service provided by our professionals.