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There are several options of Puerto where we can ship their container. The container may be of 20 or 40 feet. Usually this service is used when a person has enough weight shipment moving or final destination this is better to arrive by sea. There are other reasons why you have to use this service; for example, as when you include a vehicle within your move..

The biggest benefit of this service is definitely the advantage of filling the container with all their belongings. “NO WEIGHT pay for” the price of a container is fixed, does not vary by weight; ie no matter how much you have inside, you only pay a price.

Also you can use the space of a container move, to bring other items that are not part of a move such as: vehicles, machinery … in Colombia .. and treated each for their current tariff heading and regulations to nationalize.

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This is the Port of Cartagena

Here we can see the distribution of the containers to different destinations in Colombia.



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