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Return Plan = House + Car + work tools.
Household Items
May be new or used items, which anybody may  owe  or has a purpose for daily use at home, such as appliances (stove, refrigerator, oven, etc.) clothes, shoes, toiletries, kitchen utensils, furniture dining room and bedrooms; household appliances, computers, ornaments, pictures, books, toys, tools for domestic use and other articles belonging to the place where an individual or family lives permanently and has purchased before your return to a trip to  Ecuador, and that turn will be shipped in the country where is residing or living.


In the case of clothing and shoes, allowed or permitted weight is 440 pounds for each family member and should only be clothing that belongs to whoever is carrying the household items and those included in there. That is, if you travel a family of 4 people all clothing and shoes should belong in size and quantity only to  these 4 people. So luggage, packages or boxes where will the clothes and shoes must be marked with the name of whoever owns the piece of clothing and its weight. If any amount of clothing and / or shoes, customs on arrival liquidate excess and shall pay the corresponding taxes.You can not wear clothes or shoes as a gift for others who do not belong to the family.As for appliances, there will be one of each type. That is, a washer, dryer or refrigerator.


Are instruments, tools and / or professional, new or used equipment linked or not to trade, profession or activity of the traveler and carry household items needed to start or open a business or productive activity in Ecuador. Equipment or working tools that are carried within a household goods may be stationary or fixed work, same that can be disassembled or removed as well as portable tools. Example: lathes, milling machines, metal structures such as scaffolding, etc.




What is not allowed to arrive as a work items   are: vehicles, vessels or aircraft including: boats, water scooters, tractors trucker use, trucks, heads, vans, buses, tractors (lawn mowers), etc ., nor raw materials, supplies, and textiles, as they will be considered for import and must pay taxes.


  • All items of household goods and work equipment, must be written in a Sworn Statement of Assets specific and detailed manner, in its description (item name), and their status (whether new or used) and as its reference value. This Statement Juaramentada Real, may be consularized abroad or notarized in Ecuador.



The person who owns  this motorcycle is a vehicle or car,  must be a citizen of Ecuador, having stayed abroad for a minimum period of 3 years and return to the country with the intention to settle permanently.
You can send up a model four years before, including the year of importation.

In the case of used vehicles, damaged vehicles will not be accepted (with the legend “Salvatage”, “Salvage” or the equivalent in purchasing documents). You must deliver the original title deed, record, or Registration or equivalent on behalf of the migrant document (not endorsed) and whose issue date is prior to the arrival of the person to Ecuador.


A vehicle can be carried as part of household goods as long as it meets the following requirements:

  1. Being Ecuadorian citizen who returns to the country with the intention of domicile and you have stayed abroad for a minimum period of three (3) years.
  2. That the vehicle model year corresponds to the last four (4) years, including the year of importation. In the case of used vehicles, must prove ownership attaching to the Customs Import Declaration, the original title, registration or enrollment, or equivalent, on behalf of the migrant (not endorsed) and whose date of document issued before the arrival of the person. No damaged vehicles will be accepted (with the legend “Salvatage,” Salvage “or equivalent in purchasing documents).
  3. It has been shipped together with the other assets of the household goods.
  4. The maximum value of the vehicle can not exceed Twenty Thousand Dollars ($ 20,000.00), or its equivalent in another currency. To determine this value, the sale price on that “model year” hit the market will be taken.
  5. The cylinder capacity of the vehicle must be up to three thousand cubic inches (3,000 cc).



The cylinder capacity will be up to six hundred and fifty cubic centimeters (650cc).

The value will be up to Eight Thousand Dollars ($ 8,000.00) (price when it was new). That is, it will consider the sale price with which this “model” was released.


To enjoy no tax on the importation of household goods, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. The Ecuadorian migrating national must reside abroad for at least one year. His or her  travels to Ecuador should not total more than sixty (60) days in the last year (including holidays days).
  2. The Ecuadorian immigrant who has lived for more than nine (9) years abroad, his or her income in Ecuador could be a maximum of one hundred eighty (180) days.
  3. His or her  stay abroad can be checked through the passport and immigration records movement, in which all trips to and from Ecuador are registered. When the output has not been registered by the National Police, it may be accredited by consular certified or accredited by the National Secretariat for Migrants records.
  4. Household items and work equipment must arrive within two (2) months and / or six (6) months after the arrival of the person with the intention of permanently living in Ecuador.


Requirements for no Ecuadorian migrants:

  • The no Ecuadorian migrant may request exemption from household goods and / or work equipment only when intending to reside in Ecuador for over a year. To qualify for tax exemption, non-Ecuadorian migrants are required to have immigrant visa. In the case that have non-immigrant visa must submit the respective contract work. If the visa is pending finds it, the applicant may withdraw his household and / or equipment prior to submitting a specific warranty work.


You can import household goods and work equipment  more than once if it meets the following requirements:

  1. That the evidence of his/her stay in Ecuador, at least five (5) years from delivery of household goods with tax exemptions term.
  2. That during those five (5) years, not an absence is recorded in excess of one hundred eighty (180) days country.
  3. That all requirements are again fulfilled to access a waiver of household


To complete the formalities of customs clearance of household goods, need advice and service of an Accredited Agent Customs of Ecuador. The Customs Agent must present physically and electronically Customs Import Declaration (DAI) through the computer system and the District of arrival of goods, attaching the documents accompanying it. Once entered, the statement will be reviewed by the staff who execute the assigned physical inspection.

Failure to find new, proceed with the respective liquidation and authorize the delivery of household goods.