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Equipaje 1Service Unaccompanied Baggage is luggage that enters or leaves the country before or after the arrival of the traveler (maximum 1 month before or 3 months later), which should be consigned to the passenger’s name on the transport document. If you have already entered or will enter the check baggage must be declared in the Baggage Declaration Form and Money, and inform the customs officer before leaving the customs area. Otherwise, shipping will have the goods to be nationalized.

Minors can only bring goods up to a value equivalent to 50% of the quota mentioned here.


  • Vehicles and equipment of railways or cars (PROHIBITED)
  • Aerodynes aircraft or balloons, airships and gliders (PROHIBITED)
  • Boats or any floating device and / or parts. (PROHIBITED)
  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives. (PROHIBITED)
  • Transport equipment such as tires and spare parts for cars or machines (PROHIBITED)
  • Transport Exception: If you can send Bicycles, wheelchairs and strollers. (PERMITTED)
  • The declared value can not exceed $ 2,000 usd.
  • Must contain personal items. (No more than 6 units of the same reference)
  • You can not carry weapons, money, or related items.
  • You can not carry items that are not authorized by the ministry of health.
  • Unauthorized items by INVIMA.


If the traveler has been out more than five days, until the quota is $ 2,500. Here the household articles, including sports and use that are specific to the art or craft of the traveler. You can enter up to 3 units each, not exceeding the quota of $ 2,500. The tax is 15% (once a year.). Therefore, it is important to carry the bill for purchased items to verify their value.